OXM UK: The Last Remnant Review

Square is using the Unreal Engine for the first time and, as mentioned, there are frame-rate issues. Slowdown is prevalent throughout battles and texture pop-in is pretty bad after loading screens. And there are far, far too many loading screens. Between cutscenes, walking out of Guilds, heading the world map... it reminds OXM UK how far they've come in gaming with the advent of disc-based titles and loading times.

But they're swayed into the positive because they're finally experiencing something new in a field that has needed a change for nearly a decade. The story and characters are handled better than most, and while the battle system feels heavy-handed in its inception, it ultimately yields an interesting and unique system.

The Last Remnant is a game the purists can sink their teeth into, and one they hope isn't the 'Last' of its kind.

* Better produced than other RPGs
* Innovative Union system is a draw
* Story rich in detail

* Where's our Union tutorial?
* Too much loading

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Pennywise3367d ago

I am not looking forward to any of SE games with the past few flopping. They need to step it up.

WIIIS13367d ago

You are so missing out if you're just going to go by reviews. I've played Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Eternal Sonata, Tales of Vesperia, and from what I have played of Last Remnant so far, I'd say it is the best of the lot.

There are graphical issues even when I loaded the game into the hard disk, BUT because it is a turn based JRPG with frequent intermission cut scenes and storytelling rather than an intense shooter, racer, fighter or some other genre that requires you to be constantly fixated on what's going on the screen, the framerate slowdowns and texture pop-ins really do not bother you after you get into the game. The graphics are very nice, the battle system is more interesting than your standard fare JRPG, and the world and characters (except for the main protagonist) are nicely designed.

The majority of reader reviews of this game have generally been good, and I would gladly add to that camp. This is a good JRPG, one that (unlike some other JRPGs) hasn't made me feel like it is a labor to play yet.