GamersInfo Review - Far Cry 2 "Far Cry 2 has been worrying me ever since its inception. The original game was developed by first-person shooter specialists Crytek and was the precursor to the stunningly beautiful Crysis - as well as having utterly fantastic gameplay. At some point, though, Ubisoft waded in with its huge cash resources and bought the rights to Far Cry 2 from under the noses of the original developer.

Suddenly, a game being developed by FPS addicts had been absorbed by a multinational conglomerate, and it would have been very easy for Far Cry 2 to have been lost in the shuffle - canned after a long and difficult development or emerge as a deeply mediocre title that bore no resemblance to its groundbreaking predecessor.

Thankfully - and somewhat surprisingly - Ubisoft's Far Cry 2 is an absolute masterpiece. My previous fears have been demolished by one of the most absorbing, attractive and atmospheric games the world has ever seen.

Plenty has changed from the original: The tropical island setting is gone, replaced by an African republic hewn apart by civil war. You arrive with one goal in mind: find and assassinate The Jackal, an unscrupulous arms dealer who provides weapons for both sides for his own profit."

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