GamersInfo Review - Lego Batman "Legos. The mere mention of the word around little boys and [most] grown men is enough to send shivers of pure pleasure down their spines. Growing up, I loved building my own creations, predominately hotels. Lincoln Logs, while "better" builders than Legos, were never as fun or as intuitive as those small pieces of plastic in my hand. Any time I tried to describe the joy of building with Legos to my female friends, they just look at me as if I am crazy. As if I have the "third head." Well, I've been playing a game that will make little boys happy worldwide. And that game is Lego Batman.

The story of the game is basic. The Riddler, The Penguin, The Joker, and the rest of the villains that try to destroy Gotham city have escaped from Arkham Insane Asylum. So, obviously, it is up to Batman and his young sidekick Robin to kick Lego butt and send them back to jail. But that is only half the game! Oh yes, the other half of the game revolves around the villains setting Gotham on fire (so to speak). Thus, as you'll save the city from its impending doom controlling Batman and Robin, you'll then see the events as they occur from the super-villain perspective. For example, in the first level, B and R work their way to a bank and attempt to stop Clayface, while the first level of the super-villains has you taking the Riddler and Clayface TO the bank. Furthermore, the story is never spoken - though the written word is used before a level is fully loaded. Instead, you'll watch the characters interact with each other through gestures and visual clues."

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