GamersInfo Review - Master of the Monster Lair "For several months now, I have been wishing monsters were real. That way, I could run outside for a few hours to slay some monsters and strengthen my coffers. As you all know, it is hard to run around and do stuff (like go to graduate school and purchase fun stuff) when the moneybag is, well, empty. Perhaps this all has to do with my love for role-playing games: just run around a dungeon or field for an hour or so, and you can afford almost everything you need. Maybe that will stop our current economic crisis? You hear that scientists? Create bio-monsters! You know, create monsters that drop money. And stuff. Lives would be saved; people would have jobs and money. It is a win-win situation. With that in mind, get your sword/dagger/bow/staff and magic ready as I introduce you to the Master of the Monster Lair. So, shall we enter the dungeon together?

Master of the Monster Lair centers around Owen, a 12-year-old boy who is initially looking for work. Just like our own economic condition, no one is hiring in his small little town. Then Owen stumbles across a talking shovel and is now the Dungeon Digger. From that day forward, he starts building a dungeon for tourists to travel through. Tourists, you ask? Well, blame it on the money-crazed mayor who keeps trying to stimulate the village's economy and troubles that are caused by trying to convince people to visit. Eventually, Owen is joined by his friendly pet slime Gloop and his friend Kate. The plot is not particularly deep, but it is full of light-hearted fun."

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