GiN: My Trip To VGX 2008

Todd Hargosh writes:

"Last year's VGXpo was a major disappointment. Whether it was the small scale of the event compared to previous years or the torture of trying to reach the Pennsylvania Convention Center, I wasn't happy with the results and made a couple requests for this year's show. This year thankfully was somewhat of an improvement, but in my opinion, VGX still has a way to go to get back to the glory days when it was being held at Valley Forge.

Fortunately this year it was much easier for me to get to the show. There were no major traffic holdups causing traffic to stop for periods of twenty minutes. Parking, while still expensive (I spent an average of $12/day) was more accessible and I managed to get to my events on time.

Already I saw an increase of vendors that I was interested in checking out. One exhibitor that caught my interest more than anyone else was TN Games. Their key product is a feedback based gaming vest. Rather than basing feedback on vibration as done with past iterations (i.e. the Interactor,) this vest has eight sensors (four front, four back) that provide point specific pressure feedback sourced from a plug-in air compressor. The feedback provides a small punch to the area affected and the results are quite impressive."

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