Goalkeeper stops Ronaldinho in Real Life thanks to videogame

The goalkeeper of Palermo, Marco Amelia, won the award for best man on the field in victory for his team on the Milan by 3 to 1, last Sunday, the Italian Serie A. He made several tough defenses, including a crucial penalty kick in for Ronaldinho Gaucho the first half, when the match was still 0 to 0. While talking about it, the goalkeeper said have passed through a similar situation before, which helped defend the kick. It was in videogame match.

- "It was as if he were playing against Ronaldinho on the Playstation". He made the same motion, the same sprint for the ball, very strange. In the last moment, I saw that he had changed the song, and then also moved the motion, moving the ball and making the defense. I looked into his eyes and thought he would beat the other corner, but when I saw him changing the position of the foot, realized that he decided to change the beat - said the goalkeeper

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