GiN Review: Happy Tails Animal Shelter

Karen Rosenberry writes:

"The folks at Viva Media have practically cornered the market on family titles involving the care and feeding of animals. Over the past couple years I have reviewed all types of games from them built around this theme from running wild animal preserves to saving Australian outback creatures to running your own animal hospital from the ground up.

All of the games in the series have been great Family titles that parents and kids could play together. And they have all been sold at extremely reasonable prices, with most of them under $20. I don't think any have ever gotten anything other than a perfect 5 GiN Gems for their Value score, because even with the reasonable price, they were games that offered a perfect way for parents and kids to play together and didn't skimp on any of the details. Several have been nominated by GiN's readers for Family title Game Of the Year, and a few have even won. So this is a fine family series."

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