EA Profit Falls 38%, Sales Flat in Holiday Quarter

Leading publisher Electronic Arts has revealed its latest financial statement, which shows a 38 percent decline in net income for the third quarter ended December 31, 2006. Net income dropped from $259 million one year ago to $160 million, while net revenue was up just one percent to $1.28 billion.

That said, the company managed to beat expectations and online revenue exceeded projections. In fact, digital revenue hit a record $115 million over the last 12 months for EA.

EA said that Q3 sales were driven by Need for Speed Carbon, FIFA 07, The Sims 2 Pets and Madden NFL 07, which each sold over three million copies in the all-important holiday period. The Sims 2 really dominated, as titles from that franchise sold over 10 million copies in the quarter, with The Sims 2 Pets selling over 5 million copies. Additionally, Need for Speed and Madden have both done incredibly well, as each sold over eight million copies, and Madden was the most popular game of 2006 in North America...

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Aflac4332d ago

they sould just stick t sprots games, its the only thing they normally do well at

Boink4332d ago

if you make crappy games, people don't buy them...

mishmosh4332d ago

No way will i be buying a game that deactivates online gaming after only 2 years after launch. I avoid buying EA games at all costs.

gogators4330d ago

own servers, so you have to purchase next years bullcrap. I am soo sick of EA. IF they didn't have NCAA college football held hostage then I wouldn't have to buy any of their games. You can still play NFL 2k5 online.

shikwan4332d ago

Wasn't it just an article on how they made money...thanks to the PS3 game sales?? lol

hells henchman4332d ago

they got rich off the Madden series and then went to crap. snapping up the license of nfl football sucked because NFL 2K5 was waaaay better. they ruined the nascar games, C & C , and the list goes on. screw EA.

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