GiN Review: Little League World Series

James Maddox writes:

"In my experience, team sports games, for the most part, are a major waste of time. If you want to go play a team sport, then get out of the house and play a team sport for real. This has always been my contention, mainly since I had no interest whatsoever in these kinds of activities, but saying this makes me feel like those grumblers that claim basically the same approach to games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

I do feel like I'm missing something, some core gratification that team sports games have failed to show me, but I don't care enough about this genre of game to look any closer unless I'm really surprised.

This has happened only twice in my gaming lifetime-first, with the Blades of Steel on the NES, then most recently with the always playable Wii Sports.

So when Little League World Series arrived for review, my enthusiasm for the game was slightly dulled, but I decided to give it a chance to tear down my preconceptions."

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