Sony: Home is "Imminent", Avatars "Par for the Course"

Speaking to website Gamasutra, PlayStation Home Director Jack Buser has described avatars such as Nintendo's Miis as "par for the course" this hardware generation, but insisted that Home's contributions in this area would "leapfrog" the competition.

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Mikelarry3487d ago

cant w8 for open beta when everyone can have it and really put home to the test

WANNA GET HIGH3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

I am in the home beta and i have to say it has been over hyped.Its nothig special, what is there is reall good but over all i did not see what all the buzz was about.I still look foward to it coming out but those of u who are really looking foward to it should not get ur hopes up to much.Its nothing special when u think that they delayed it so long and the hype it has.

XXXCouture3487d ago

^^^^ yo theres an old saying for you "Dont judge a book by it's cover" meaning - you've only tried the beta. not the full application

lloyd_wonder3487d ago

Considering what type of application it is, what the hell did you expect...?

It's a social networking application, period.

Genesis53487d ago

I am in the beta too. I like it. It will be great when everything is available.

pixelsword3487d ago

I've been told that the Beta is only part of what is there. I was also told that there are different levels to the beta, so although it seems scant, there appears to be more that meets the eye. I'll publish a story in a few days about some suggestions that were given to home almost a year ago.

Perjoss3487d ago

"you've only tried the beta. not the full application"

I've been in many many betas for lots of different products. If you think Home will go through some miracle transformation from now until release that makes it some radical new fun 'thing' then you're living in a dream world.

hay3487d ago

@Perjoss: no miraculus transformations, but more things to do, and more places to visit. It's enough for me.

To be honest, I hope they'll open the docks in full version. The view from the room is amazing.
Anyone know if there's one and the same instanced room for everyone or different variations and places?

whoelse3487d ago

to everyone who has it and is disappointed, you have to underdstand its missing key features like game spaces and customisations.

gambare3487d ago

It's awesome when you are with your friends inside, I have many active friends on the PSN and got 5 on the beta.... man... we just need some beers, because the games, the fun, and the social environment is awesome.

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jamesrocks31473487d ago

and i couldnt agree more...... home is amazzin cant wait for open beta and all the content!!!!!


I know what it is.People think that it will change online gaming but i dont see how it will.

SL1M DADDY3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )


Amnesiac3487d ago

I'm in the closed beta, it's great! My only beef is, I can't find any good chess competition!!!

Pennywise3487d ago

My only beef is - Why would they make people wait to bowl, play pool, or arcades??? Its a virtual world... they dont need to make me wait like real life. They need to fix this crap.

Right now those activities are the only thing to do besides socialize and they are always taken.

Panipal20053487d ago

I swear I've seen this story on N4G before.

Even commented to the effect that 'imminent' instead of a proper day and date WASN'T NEWS.

Also, what does it say about me that I recognise Pennywise's avatar?

Pennywise3487d ago

It might say that I post too much, or you dream about killer clowns....

SL1M DADDY3487d ago

What does it say about me considering that I own the movie his avatar comes from? lol

Pennywise3487d ago

Sl1M - Want me to sign that for you??

Panipal20053487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

You didn't pay for it I hope.

Of course, one other alternative is that you got it from friends or family as a 'gift'...please tell me that wasn't the case!

SL1M DADDY3487d ago

It was a gift. I have a huge collection of S.K. movies and all of them have been gifts. Well, except for Needful Things. That I did buy.

And Penny, I'll send it out for you to sign... If for some reason it doesn't make it back... I won't get too upset. lol

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ultimolu3487d ago

Home is great so far. I see where Sony's going with this.

cellmember3487d ago

Also in the home beta too. Not the most exciting thing ever but its getting there. The social aspect in the best part of it so far. I think it's a little over hyped but it'll be interesting to see where it goes.

lloyd_wonder3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

Why exactly was it hyped in the first place? Because It's a social networking application? And guess what, it does that well.

I don't get your comment about it being overhyped. People know what to expect and people who aren't into social apps have already shunned it.

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