LittleBigPlanet must play levels

Intriguing levels discovered and reviewed along with a fun video of these hidden gems.
Updated frequently.

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Dragunov3393d ago

This game is my own GOTY, the quality of the user level design is improving fast

ultimolu3393d ago

This game makes me forget I have other games to Dead Space.

Okay, I either suck or that asteroid shooting thing has got to be the most annoying task in a game. o_o;

ia_studio3393d ago

I also have to beat dead space, and stuck with Lbp, and work.

littleBIGfail3393d ago

the level I'm about to finish .. it's got the HOME shopping mall in it, 7 hours of BLACK MESA, and if that's not fun I added a queue to play 2D pool for all the hard core gamerz ...

It'll be finished in March 2014 ...

KYU21303393d ago

the developers do some levels for DLC