Itagaki Not Welcome at Koei Tecmo

Koei president Kenji Matsubara has told reporters that former Tecmo man, and creator of the Ninja Gaiden series, Tomonobu Itagaki, will not be returning to the company following its merger with Koei next year.

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Leord3241d ago

Hehe, love some gaming industry drama =)

Bnet3433241d ago

Koei ... Dynasty Warriors ... nuff said ... Why doesn't Microsoft give Itagaki his own studio? Damn, Microsoft, the guy has been there since day 1. Dead or Alive 3 launch title for Xbox 1!!! You idiots rake him in already.

Elven63241d ago

I bet behind closed doors Itagaki is working with Microsoft, he is what would be dubbed a Xbox fanboy by N4Gers (And its not me calling him that, he has stated it time and time again he hates working on the PS3, he called Sigma the worst).

I'm surprised Koei/Tecmo would say this, they obviously over appreciate themselves too much. But if he was offered a spot I doubt he would take it after essentially being disgraced out of the job by his boss.

madjedi3241d ago

@1.1 It's a matter of taste, i never remember anyone raving to the heavens that ng2 was the greatest game ever.

You don't enjoy dynasty/samurai warrior games fine, i own sigma and still am not that impressed by it.

Koei leaves dw/sw mostly the same not to piss off their fans with bad choices, so each is very similar to the last one.

So what excuse did ninja gaiden 2 have from barely looking better than sigma a last gen remade port?

AAACE53241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

It's better than the fanboy drama that takes place here!

Oops, I'll probably lose another bubble for saying that... Haha!

Would help MS out to give him his own studio in japan, and allow him to create freely! He is probably their best bet at trying to crack open japan!

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AndyA3241d ago

I'm sure he'll have something to say about this. He's not one to keep his mouth shut.

Maticus3241d ago

Hmm, I wonder if this is really a good move for Koei.

Dorjan3241d ago

Thats what you get for walking out..

die_fiend3240d ago

If you walk out, you're not welcome there? No sh!t...How is this news? Surely the fact that he resigned means he doesn't wanna work with Tecmo...

xenogamer3241d ago

but the guy is talented... just give him a chance to act right, if not fire his ass.

Willio3241d ago

I believe gaming jobs such as his would require contracts, not salary or hourly. Firing him might require the company to pay whats agreed on the contract unless there is a prenup lol. Because of his track record with his previous employer, i dont think anyone in Japan wants to hire a person who is egotistical. Not to stereotype, but the Japanese have honor which he had shown none.

AAACE53241d ago

Honor... hahaha... you gotta quit watchin them samurai movies man! You gotta accept the fact that people there have evolved like we have in the U.S. and Euro, and some of their old traditions and ways of thinking have died off!

I don't think anyone there still walks around saying stuff like, "You have insulted my clan... Now I will fight you to regain my honor!"

That's as bad as people in japan saying americans are all loud mouths, wear levi jeans, and only listen to rock music... Wait a minute... That is what they think!

Willio3240d ago

Its nothing like a samurai movie. Try buying a clock as a buisness present to Asians. Try not drinking and unwilling to wait more than 2 hours for the Russians when conducting buisness talks. Try shaking your left hand with an Indian when making buisness proposals. All those examples would probably get you fired since you lost the contract. Im sorry but your statement was naive to think everyone conducts the same manner or buisness just because you live in the States.

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