Fatal Frame IV confirmed for Europe, North America too?

In the latest issue of the Official Nintendo Magazine, there is a small article about Fatal Frame IV. The magazine has dated the game as ETA February and has essentially confirmed the game's release in Europe...

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jorgeanaya0003459d ago

Hopefully, I want a real survival-horror game.

MasterChief36243458d ago

Fatal Frame was an amazing, but highly-underrated, game Fatal Frame II is quite possibly the best survival-horror game I've ever played. Fatal Frame III was all right, but not as amazing as the first two (especially Crimson Butterfly)...

And ever since Fatal Frame IV was announced for Japan, I've been holding out for an announcement that it will be coming stateside. Man, this is so exciting to hear that it is most likely coming over here, at all. Let's hope this really does come to fruition *crosses fingers*

TheColbertinator3458d ago

I hope it gets here by next spring

qohelet3458d ago


levy3458d ago

agree.... YEEEEEEES!

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