Killzone 2 environments: "not just grey urban wasteland"

It appears that dark city slums and warehouses are not the only locations players will visit while exploring the world of Killzone 2.

Speaking on the Official PlayStation forums, Guerrilla Games Q&Q Manager Seb Downie promised users, "[Helgan] is not just grey urban wasteland."

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Fishy Fingers3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

Well I've read quite a few posts on GAF and similar from people who claim to have played the SP campaign (impressions due Dec 4th) and they all state people will be very surprised and happy about the amount of variety in KZ2's levels. Aside from the betas three levels, we've only seen one from the single player.

Can't wait to see what GG have in store for us in Feb.

But like the article, I don't expect to see anything to colourful or "pretty". Helgan is a dirty, nasty place, as is war, a washed out, dirty palette conveys that feeling to the gamer, like Gears this is a choice made by the Devs.

WANNA GET HIGH3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

The only people that were saying this game will be all grey and not have different type of stages were 360 fan boys and people that hate sony.Every gamer like me knew kz2 will have different stages and it will not be all grey.

All ur greayzone2 comments will be owed next year....

PistolPumptMonk3336d ago

I could play this game on a black and white tv, and it would still be freakin amazing.

Can't wait!

Tarasque3336d ago

While i am for the art direction the Dev's are taking. You comment is just stupid Fishy. Saying the real life war is washed out and dirty, that comment is beyond me. Yeah cause i know once you step into war all of the sudden it becomes dark and grass just dies and everything loses it's colors and it becomes washed out. But onto the article at hand, there will be no jungle type setting or anything of that nature. It will all be buildings more buildings and buildings, sure they might do snow. But it will be snow with buildings. I just want to play the multiplayer, sure it might be more buildings upon more buildings but it still looks fun. Could care less really about single player, run through buildings and beat it in about 8-10 hours blah blah blah

Fishy Fingers3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

LOL... What? Perhaps you should re-read?

"Helgan is a dirty, nasty place, as is war, a washed out, dirty palette conveys that feeling to the gamer"

I said War (like helgon) is a dirty, nasty place. I then proceed to say a washed out, dirty palette (colour scheme) can help convey that to the player.

Who's stupid again? Please READ that which you reply to in future.

PistolPumptMonk3336d ago

Wow Tarasque, I feel so informed after reading your insider information. Could you please provide a link so I too can read about every last second of the single player campaign, including the design of each of the environments located throughout the entire game?

I just feel really left out and would like to have a more complete understanding of games that don't come out for 3 more months.

But seriously, how about canning it until you have something legit to form an opinion with. Like the ACTUAL GAME.

acedoh3336d ago

I don't know why the only argument is the color. I like the darker color tone just as I like the bright colors of Uncharted. It fits the mood of the game. If any of you read books then you know how important it is to establish mood from the get go. Creating an environment whether it's a book, movie, or game is the most important thing when telling a story.

FantasyStar3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

Presentation is more important than graphics. Any game can achieve a high level of graphical prowess like HDR, Dynamic Shadows, 4x AA, and streaming high-res textures. But Art-Direction and Presentation is 70% more important as it takes the tools and draws an atmospheres for the gamer. The games that we love today all had great art-direction and presentation. KZ2 is hyped the way it is because the presentation is that of hollywood style HUD-less, and a gritty war-torn atmosphere. Something I thought that KZ1 accomplished very well for its time.

Hell, in CoD2: the landing at Normandy was probably the best representation of art-direction and presentation ever. The engine could've been running the old CoD engine and I probably wouldn't care.(Youtube link below)

jammy_703336d ago

i think we all new this already.. i mean look at mgs4, that was all the middle east til the game came out, then 5 totally different enviroments
its all part of the surprise, they aint gonna show all the levels and ruin the surprise for us, ay? ..i cant wait for this flipping game!

Kleptic3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

the strongest part of Killzone 1 was the level design and diversity...this 'its too grey' is 100% caused by fanboys and media members that simply can't find anything negative to say about it...and if they can't find anything negative to say, then they feel stupid for doubting the game for so long...

there was never any question in my mind that killzone 2 would have a lot of diversity...its not going to have purple mountains or green suited hero's in a paintball outfit...but will have very different areas of the planet from level to they were praised for exactly that in Killzone 1, and would most likely not drop that for the second game...

imo the muted tone is fantastic though...the iconic 'red vs. blue' plays out extremely well, with friendly soldiers having blue glow sticks dangling off thier armor, while the 'ghast have the glowing well as the way blood pops off the environment...its all extremely immsersive, which is what the entire point was...

but the 3 maps in the beta alone are all pretty is a tight canal ridden cement fortress, with catwalks and stairs linking everything...all encased under a violent lightning storm, with some of the most impressive environemental effects to date (you could stair at the rolling clouds in that level for days) is a wide open industrial zone, with most engagements taking place out in the open...with artillery going off everywhere, making awesome effects in the smoke filled sky...and one is a gorgeous modern military academy, which is clean and new...with bathrooms, kitchens, class-rooms (complete with desks and tables that can be splinterd), full libraries, and lots of gorgeous lighting (as its the only map in the beta to take place during the day)...

you can't see the details of this game in little videos on youtube...there are so many subtle things, as well as some major ones, that push this game so far ahead of the competition its not even worth arguing about...its already confirmed without question to be the best looking title on a console to date, and possibly ever all things considered (animation, lighting, and particle effects all rival crysis, its the physics that we haven't seen much of yet...which will be the deal breaker, but there are surprinsgly large amounts of physics in the multiplayer alone...which was the only place they had to 'significantly cut back' to reduce lag)...

the killzone 2 engine is a complete beast...there is no question that they are going to string it out to show all kinds of impressive one should be concerned about killzone will deliver...and if you keep being negative about it, it'll just make you look even more stupid come february...

JBaby3433336d ago

You can still find people who want to try and dis this game for whatever reason but it gets more impressive the more we find out about it. Even if it was all urban wasteland the presentation of that wasteland is such that I wouldn't have cared. The game just looks amazing and seems to do everything right. Can't wait for this game. GG is about to shut all the critics up for good.

DaTruth3336d ago

Now you can never comment ever again. Professing to know what's in a game before it is released and not even media know. There is no way for you to proclaim you know and forever brands you a fanboy who spews off at the mouth without any substance.

PS3 FTW3335d ago

It's funny how all the 360 fanboys are bashing KZ2 and saying "Blah Blah It's all gray blah blah blah" yet their only good exclusive this year was Gears 2 and there's only 1 color and 1 texture in that game - GRAY metal.

Armor - Gray Metal
Environments - Somehow all Gray Metal
Vehicles - Gray Metal
Everything else - Gray Metal

Gears 3 will probably have metal water and robotic/metal people

KillZone 2 is gonna pwn

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Hellsvacancy3336d ago

I REALLY REALLY hope heres a chapter in the snow there was in the 1st game but not sure if there will b in the 2nd game - i am hopeful

Fishy Fingers3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

Well Helgan is to me, a totalitarian empire, ruled by an oppressive leader. A planet ravished by war and environmental catastrophe. I don't expect to see people running about in sandals and grass skirts. Atmospherically, I think GG have nailed it.

Plus I love the rays of colurful sun light, cutting through the overcast skies, a small glimpse of serenity, against the harsh grey industrial exterior of Helgan.

yanikins1113336d ago

id love to see some random level in a vr training simulator (think jason x) where all the enemies wear neon green space suits and dorky helmets. you have to blast your way through a colourful yet poorly textured canyon (there is even a giant rainbow arching across the sky)killing retarded midget oompa-loompa type aliens that sound like carebears, and when sev gets out of the simulation he shakes his head and comments on the retardedness of the whole thing.

should shut up the halo fanatics.

Bangladesh3336d ago

Only game this gen that looks exactly the same on a 1970's black/white tv as a color tv.

Fishy Fingers3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

Keep on hating bro. Your loss come Feb.

xaviertooth3336d ago

haaaaaaaaa!! fuccking jealous xbot! drool deep inside, unless u get a PS3, which i doubt since you're a blind idiot!

Joejoefhosho3336d ago


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Pennywise3336d ago

What did you say about Greys of War2?

Shane Kim3336d ago

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Rhythmattic3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

Colorzone 2?

Another M$ 360 acquirement. in Black and white...

As Usual, It'll never be as good as the original.

dukadork3336d ago

bangladouche: how's that penis enlargement going?

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