30° reviews: Gears of War 2

Dofuss says:"Recent reviews have been… lengthy, both the games and the links took time. So I am happy to introduce Gears of War 2, the gaming equivalent of a summer blockbuster movie.

In short Gears is all out action. Like its predecessor its light on story. It manages to more than compensate for this by creating a consistent world in which to place a succession of well crafted set pieces which provide the incentive to continue playing. The fine tuned combat also returns with some tweaks and the obligatory expanded arsenal."

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Long 13373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

Do these guys seriously consider this a review? I've seen more in-depth press releases.

FreestyleBarnacle3372d ago

The review has been artificially shortened in order to counteract the writers rambling style. The picture links tend to be slightly more in depth but the point is we are all busy and although we should be reading reviews many don't and just look at scores because they are usually too long.