F.E.A.R. 2: Engine Video

An exclusive look at the improvements to the engine for the upcoming Monolith's title F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin.

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ape0073460d ago

fear was very good

one of the most important factors in fps is the animation,specially the death animation,if they implement the euphoria engine in fear 2,kills will be much more satisfying and dynamic,specially since fear's shooting mechanics is sick

keep up the good work monolith.

AngryHippo3460d ago

...fear was a great game. I think Fear 2 will exceed expectations and be a surprise condender for fps of the year for 2009. I am definately keeping an eye on this one. Do not underestimate Alma =0)

Rocky873460d ago

If they work well FEAR 2 could be the best FPS in 2009.
Cuz FEAR (1) was great. Real action and a superb gameplay.

AngryHippo3460d ago

...whoops, sorry, forgot this was, Killzone 2 fps of the year 2009. All other titles in the fps genre will suck in comparison, my advice delay this to 2010, because Killzone 2 will pwn '09!!!! =0p

Lastlivingsoul3460d ago

I think FEAR2 is probably my most anticipated title for the next 6 months. Don't get me wrong i can't wait to see Killzone and Resident Evil 5 but FEAR gives the things I love most from both games in one package. I really hope they don't screw this game up. The original FEAR for PC was in my top 5 favorite video games ever.

Rocky873460d ago

you're right man! FEAR was amazing ...
A shooter to play over and over again.