The Hachiko: Mirror's Edge Review

The Hachiko writes: "Parkour – whether you can do it or not, it's still impressive to see a skilled runner at work, deftly running and using their environment to the utmost, making some truly amazing moves look as easy as possible. While it's hard to pull such moves off in real life, the latest game from DICE and EA – Mirror's Edge – makes such extremes as scaling a chain link fence or jumping from one building's rooftop to the next seem like mere child's play. It's an impressive game from a style and gameplay point-of-view, but one that is ultimately hurt by the things it does well.

You play as Faith, a Runner in an Orwellian society where individualism isn't preached anymore, and everything is just a little too clean and neat. Runners are the messengers of the anarchist, however, and properly get their messages to their clients without anyone standing in their way. Faith, however, finds a routine message run turn into a fight for her life, as she gets involved in a conspiracy that threatens the very fabric of Runner life, and one that could ultimately keep their world from ever changing."

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