Edge: The 360's New Battleground

Edge writes: "Having worked on Xbox Live since its inception in 2002 and headed up the software team that created the new 360 dashboard, Jerry Johnson has just taken a new role as general manager of Xbox Live Europe. It's part of Microsoft's new emphasis on catering directly to the European market instead of leading it all the way from Microsoft's Redmond headquarters. We met to talk about how he intends to make Xbox 360 more attractive to the complex tapestry of cultures that make up – in VP of Live, software and services John Schappert's words – Xbox 360's new 'battleground'."

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SONYSLAVE3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

Sony fans where are ya??

this is not right, a XBOX article without teh angry sonyboys

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jaysquared3338d ago

LOL! Your all alone and nobody to flame!

XXXCouture3338d ago

get a life dude, get a life...

mastiffchild3337d ago

I have only sympathy for it's readers.

tatotiburon3338d ago

what happen with the edge is biased, is paid off, i hate gaming media?

Anon19743338d ago

This article made me wonder just how close Europe is currently and I was surprised that even with the year head start and the price difference the 360 and PS3 are neck and neck. I wonder how long the spike due to the 360's price cut will last.

AAACE53337d ago

Remember, it's all just entertainment!