Boomtown: Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe Review

Boomtown writes: "Packing in an impressive 22 characters (11 from DC and 11 from Mortal Kombat, including such characters as Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman and The Flash), three single player game modes and an impressively lag-free online mode, MK vs DC certainly can't be accused of lacking in content. The story mode provides a well written story of earth and an alien world existing in the same time and space, merging into one and causing the Superheroes (and Villains) and MK participants to teleport uncontrollably between the two worlds. To make matters more interesting, everybody is suddenly infected by 'Rage', causing allies to clash and heroes and villains to have their abilities enhanced or restricted. For example, Superman is no longer invulnerable to basic attacks and The Joker is no longer a joke in hand-to-hand combat. Comically The Green Lantern even admits to having a problem with his ring, obviously the Rage affects him in an entirely different manner."

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