GamerTM: Sonic Unleashed Review

GamerTM writes: "Looking like a knock-off version of a punked-up Sonic doll that's been kept in a child's pencil case right through to University, there's something tragically desperate about the hedgehog's new occasional Were-Monster guise, which adds some Crash Bandicoot to this otherwise general improvement, tweaking and refusal to let go of last year's abominable version of Sonic The Hedgehog.

When the sun goes down so our hero transforms – for reasons of inconsistent bullshit – into a poor Halloween costume for Sulley from Monsters Inc, complete with some cheap dark make-up, fangs made of dabbed Tipp-Ex and arms fluffed up and crimped to give that 'our graphical routines can't quite do Pixar hair but we'll bloody well try' look so many games do well to avoid. Not to mention rubber claws from Asda."

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