PlayTM: Need for Speed Undercover Review

PlayTM writes: " I can't quite put my finger on it, but there's a definite jarring sensation permeating the air in Tri-City. Something, somewhere, is not quite right. It's throwing the whole Need for Speed Undercover experience off-balance. On paper, everything looks solid: the individual components of the game should have mixed together to create a suitably thrilling racing concoction. The balance of events, narrative and unlockables is even finely tuned to the point that there's always something to be doing with the game. But, still, there's just something so fundamentally empty at the core of Undercover that the finished product can never be anything other than frustratingly average.

Need for Speed is a controversial series that's not entirely deserving of the hatred it seems to elicit. EA have been doing much to address common criticisms, opting for a publishing model similar to Activision's annual dual-studio Call of Duty approach, and a two-year cycle should finally allow the series to develop some serious presence. The most ridiculous fact about Undercover is that it feels more like a step back from previous titles and, even in spite of its elongated development time, freakishly underwhelming when placed contextually within the competition of Burnout Paradise and Midnight Club: Los Angeles."

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