PlayTM: Shaun White Snowboarding Review

PlayTM writes: " Shaun White is the Tony Hawk of snowboarding - the biggest name in the business - that's all you really need to know about the Californian born 22-year old X-Games champion. And with respect to the gaming world that is where the shared tales of success with the well known skateboarding icon come to an end. Ubisoft's tentative jump into the world of snowboarding has turned out, apart from a few saving graces, to be a gnarly wipeout.

The game operates entirely in a free-roaming open mountain environment rather than using a menu system. The player negotiates their way via ski-lifts, snowboarding, and even getting off the board and walking, to collect coins and tackle various challenges laid throughout four separate mountains spread across the globe. These challenges are displayed on a mini-map. Once enough coins are collected and challenges are completed then you gain enough reputation to challenge Shuan White himself and go down in snowboarding history. Or something like that."

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