PlayTM: Boogie SuperStar Review

PlayTM writes: " Usually labelled as the gaming world's most willing profit whore, and often guilty of bypassing originality in favour of shamelessly full-priced annual updates and dollar-squeezing sequels, Electronic Arts has enjoyed something of an innovation renaissance in 2008. However, while the likes of Dead Space and Mirror's Edge have emerged as brave new intellectual properties (IPs), the third-party publishing giant hasn't completely shook itself free of those old annoying habits.

Meet Boogie SuperStar. Arriving as the follow up to 2007's promising but ultimately flawed Boogie, EA's latest stab at interactive gameplay via a blend of dance and song offers up a plethora of pop tracks for players to warble through while the Wii's motion-sensing attributes channel real-life dance movements to cutesy on-screen characters."

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