Square Enix shares full Jump Festa lineup

Square Enix opened a special website today for this year's Jump Festa. The big news from the site is confirmation that Dragon Quest IX will appear in playable form at the event. In all, over 25 games will be shown in the company's booth.

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Darkseider3365d ago

After the last news article reporting sales down 74% year over year they need to do something to get folks excited. It's a shame that only Dragon Quest will be playable and the rest will be video only.

The Killer3365d ago

if they continue with the same BS policies, that is "we want a broad audience" or "we want more people play our games" or "we want to expand to the west" etc, all they managed to do is not make games for ps3 and make low quality games for 360 and losing more fans!


If u still like square click agree if u dont hit disagree....

I dont....(-_-)

The gaming GOD3365d ago

The moment that happens, you'll see things go back to what they were in the ps1 days for Square Enix (btw back then they were only squaresoft since they hadn't bought out Enix yet)