WorthPlaying: Quantum of Solace Review

WorthPlaying writes: "Seeing how "Casino Royale" was a sort of rejuvenator for the long-running Bond film franchise, it's not so unreasonable to hope that Quantum of Solace, the game based upon the direct sequel to "Casino," could bring about a similar type of rebirth for the video game treatment of the series. Although it gets some of the presentation right with an accurate in-game model of Daniel Craig and plenty of action-filled scripted moments, it's just not enough to help Quantum stand out from other shooters, let alone provide us with the proper Bond game that every gamer was waiting for.

The game is based upon the new film, picking right up with Bond confronting Mr. White at the Italian villa, but also takes the liberty of branching back into "Casino Royale." Anyone who's worried about spoiling the move for themselves can relax, though, because out of the game's 15 levels, only five take place within Bond's latest adventure, and even then, the events of the film are told with very scant details about who you are fighting and why. Like many games before it, Quantum falls into the classic movie-game trap of only providing an after-experience to the film, rather than one that can stand on its own."

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