WorthPlaying: Go, Diego, Go!: Great Dinosaur Rescue Review

WorthPlaying writes: "By now, most parents of very young children are probably familiar with Dora the Explorer and her male counterpart, Diego. The "Go, Diego, Go" franchise has been running strong for three seasons of pre-preschool-aged adventures, teaching kids Spanish and all sorts of simplified factoids that have been mashed up and made ready for general consumption. Diego's mostly concerned about saving the wildlife of the world, which is a noble goal, but it gets to be a little ridiculous when he dedicates an entire set of licensed games to saving a species that's been long extinct.

Go, Diego, Go! Great Dinosaur Rescue is an attempt to bring a recent episode of the popular show to life and make it even more accessible to kids through the DS' touch-screen. Of course, this raises the question of "How young is too young for video games?" but this is a review, not a child-care seminar. If parents are comfortable enough around technology to let the TV teach their kids before preschool rolls around, then they're not going to object to the kids prodding through a simple application on a touch-screen."

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