WorthPlaying: Namco Museum: Virtual Arcade Review

WorthPlaying writes: "Fans of old-school Namco arcade compilations are probably going to find a lot to like in this latest entry, Namco Museum Virtual Arcade. Not only do you get your typical mix of different arcade titles from the 1980s, but this disc also comes packed with all of Namco's current Xbox Live Arcade offerings, including the recently released Galaga Legions and the ever-popular Pac-Man: Championship Edition, along with popular titles like Dig Dug, classic Galaga, Mr. Driller Online, Ms. Pac-Man, Original Pac-Man, New Rally-X and Xevious. That's a pretty hefty amount of points if you haven't picked up any of these titles yet, and even if you picked up one or two in the past, the low price point for this entire compilation makes these additions well worth it.

Along with those XBLA entries, you're getting a list of additional games that span the gamut of Namco's 1980s titles, and a few more current additions that are probably a bit unnecessary. Altogether, minus the XBLA titles I listed earlier, you're getting 25 arcade titles, with only five of those having shown up on a previous Xbox release in the past. A few others have carried over from some of the PS2 compilations, though, so it's not all-new stuff, but it's still a pretty generous number of titles that old-school gamers will definitely appreciate. They're not all gems, and I thought I'd outline the list a bit with some small impressions of each title."

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