New Battlefield 2 patch test by Christmas

Eurogamer writes: "DICE hopes to start an open beta for Battlefield 2 patch 1.5 before Santa stuffs himself down chimneys.

"The beta would be for everyone that wants to install it, the more people that do the better feedback we get and we don't have an update 1.30 again," said a spokesperson for the developer on the official forum (spotted by Blue's News).

"The plan is to get it out before Christmas yes."

There's no specific word on what will be in patch 1.5, although DICE has hinted at server stability and performance tweaks, plus plenty of fresh content."

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Zip3400d ago

what? is this game stil beeing updated?!

Lich1203400d ago

Huh, I had no idea either. I loved this game when it came out and now I guess Im going to install it again. Very cool.

sak5003400d ago

Wow, i haven't touched it since late last year after COD4 came out. Still in my hard drive but i removed the power hogging 7950GX2 vga and put a 40$ pci 7200gs card as i dont game on my pc anymore. Games on pc are become scarce and not worth the trouble.

bumnut3400d ago

it sure is!

thats why i prefer pc gaming, you get much more support and a lot of dlc is free.

Zip3400d ago

im positive surprised :)

lelo3400d ago

DICE ... a word of advice ... give Battlefield 2 a rest, it's a dead horse, just let it go.

Forget Battlefield 2 and "cartoon" Battlefield Heroes and announce Battlefield 3 already.

bumnut3400d ago

2500 servers with upto 64 players on each one disagree

theEnemy3400d ago

How about just release/make Battlefield 3 instead of patching up Battlefield 2?

evrfighter3400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

It would make sense this way. A lot of bf2'ers remember the failures of DICE and their borked bf2 patches to fix patches. I see it as good PR to win over the battlefield fans again now that the rage is gone. Then shortly afterward announce Battlefield 3 in all its glory.

also just an FYI, EA tried charging for DLC in the form of booster packs. Failed horribly. New content that couldn't be used in vanilla bf2 made sure the booster packs were played no longer than a week.

Marcello3400d ago

They were so so bad they always broke more than they fixed !!!

This new patch is a bit of a joke aswell unfortnatly, it was already annouced 6 months ago.

I also think DICE are trying to show gamers that maybe they can now patch games and thus get less out cry when they annouce BF3.

We will see !

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