Microsoft in deep trouble?

Internet Explorer, MSN, Windows, Office. Four of Microsoft's biggest products are under attack. What does this mean for Microsoft and the Xbox 360?

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Fishy Fingers3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

Almost thought Bruce had written a negative MS article, but no, he spun it around at the end to belittle Sony (surprising) and Nintendo. Even though Nintendo are destroying both MS/Sony. But that doesn't count because it's not in HD right? Or is it easier to simply ignore the competitor beating you to make you chosen platform seem better?

Is he suggesting that MS may move more toward gaming than concentrate on their falling OS share? Because thats ridiculous, Windows (and corresponding software) is MS cash cow, it's what allows them the opportunity to fund their gaming division.

"Microsoft are in the middle of one of the biggest shifts that any major corporation has ever made. From an IT company that did a bit of gaming to a consumer media company that does a bit of IT." Ummm... No.

pathetic fanboys3513d ago

i think they still sit at about 90%(i'm sure i read that the other week on here), when they are down to 50%, perhaps people can start asking questions. until then, anything else is just speculation.

Fishy Fingers3513d ago

Well, Apple have seen a 7% share and expected by many to hit 15-20% by end of 2009 and Linux is obviously gaining a lot of ground, perhaps not so much in the PC domain, but on a commercial side they certainly have.

Vista has been a disappointment, I'm sure there is cause for concern (not worry, but some concern) for MS regarding their OS share, admittedly they're still way ahead of the pack but Windows are in the decline in the home space. Windows 7 could be a very important piece of software for MS.

agmsd3513d ago

You're right... I think the only thing that make still using Windows on my dual boot operating systems with Ubuntu Linux is the fact that there I still need Adobe Products. In think with the move taken by many companies to support Linux after it began to have install base will make it even more attractive to users. I think if adobe , Autodesk and Others which produce largely in need applications supported Linux we will see the end of Windows sooner than expected.

SL1M DADDY3513d ago

People, we all know this crap journalist and we all have learned that he is in fact in bed with MS. Move along and forget you ever saw his sad dribble and for goodness sakes, don't click the link and give him hits.

el_bandito3513d ago


I truly agree with you. I am a heavy user of Autodesk products and am stuck with PC all the way. I bet several others too. I hope Autodesk would offer native Mac OS versions of their software. As soon as these programs become genuinely and perfectly compatible with the other OS, a lot of people might jump to Macs soon.

Coheno3513d ago

Ohh noes, not Bruce again!yeez...*sigh*
Thought exactly the same, but as you said it, spun it around..

gaffyh3513d ago

Bruce on games = Do not read.

SaiyanFury3513d ago

Umm, can someone illustrate to this guy that videogames have been around since the days of the first Windows OS? That means 25 years to those of you who are too young to know how far back that goes. What is it with this guy? Use a title to sound like he's badmouthing MS but in the end ends up defending MS and elevating them whilst attacking Sony and Nintendo. I thumb my nose at this article.

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The Lazy One3513d ago

linux wouldn't be a great main stream OS. Because it's open source, it would be way too easy to hack. The benefit of windows is that it's closed. Once linux got a significant part of the market, it would be so easy to hack it would be ridiculous.

Gondee3513d ago

All this means, is that MS will have to do some real thinking now. Competition is the best thing for us.

mikeslemonade3513d ago

Microsoft can get rid of some of the unprofitable divisions. The divisions that are most in danger are the 360 and the zune because they are the newest and they are not making them money.

The Lazy One3512d ago

They aren't making them money NOW, but they're projections are a lot better than some of it's other divisions.

360 is breaking really close to even, and zune could if they redesigned it with a pricepoint that wasn't just $10 different than the comparably ipods. Microsoft just needs to understand that Apple's brand name is worth more than $10 when you're dealing with $100+.

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BlackCountryBob3513d ago

You said it!

I was starting to worry about you Bruce, it has been a while since your particular brand of one sided pointless articles have been seen on N4G. You have competition though now because HipHopGamer has moved to your platform of sensational headlines to attract hits so you are gonna have to up your game.

Anyway, dumb article but it is impressive you were able to twist a story about MSN and Windows losing popularity into a pop at Sony.

Pixel_Addict3513d ago

an intellegent person can agree with a Bruce on games! I feel sorry for gamers name Bruce.

Ilikegames763513d ago

stick to making software, at least you can patch the software.

el_bandito3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

" Sony, decided to make so many strategic and tactical mistakes and to basically throw away their market dominance"

How can mistakes be "strategic and tactical"?

Kushan3513d ago

I believe he's saying that the tactics and strategies they used were mistakes, as opposed to the mistakes themselves being tactical or strategic.

el_bandito3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

Oh I see. Thanks for the enlightenment buddy. I thought the sentence was poorly constructed.

callahan093513d ago

He also said they decided to make those mistakes. Sounds off to me, too. Somehow I don't think they intended to make any mistakes. For that matter, the jury is still out as to whether or not they even made mistakes. The PS3 could still work out in Sony's favor, especially because it costs much more than the 360 and has much less software and yet is selling very admirably in comparison to its cheaper rivals. Whenever they decide to drop that price, it'll come alongside an obviously even more massive library of quality games, and I think you'll see the PS3 take off like never before.

yojoe263508d ago

that is hysterical! i didn't even catch that....

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alexM3513d ago

OMG people are approving articles from that site again.

everyone please report it as SPAM

Kleptic3513d ago

and once again he completely misses the mark...

for anyone that won't read it (as I normally don't, but have to admit I was intrigued to see him trash his parent company)...its basically him blabbing on about how MS's 'long term' goal in the console industry is a complete success (I predict nearly infinite contradictions that you could point out in that statement)...yet they are losing grasp on everything else...

as usual, he makes it sound like MS is dominating the gaming industry...which they NEVER have...but he also makes it sound like windowns is in trouble by a number of different alternatives...home use?...not even use?...probably, but that is nothing new...MS has been sliding down the business crapper for years...he makes it sound like this happened yesterday...

Bill Gates3513d ago


zag3512d ago

Sony already sells 3 to 5 times the amount that MS sell each week.