Will Nintendo Forever be a Generation Behind?

The most reliable estimates at current predict the arrival of the Next-Generation machines some time within 2011-2012. However, many experts have also stated that Nintendo's plan is likely to be radically different to that of the competition, and so a successor to Wii may well arrive earlier...

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ChickeyCantor3516d ago

Nintendo did say they are going for the "affordable" price...and that's around 200~250.

But that doesn't mean around 2011~2012 hardware won't improve and have a low price tag.

But what is a generation behind?
We all know motion gaming is going to be standard on all 3 next gen.
And Nintendo showed that Motion gaming does fit with consoles( i'm not saying they invented motion gaming, i'm saying they pushed it forward to make it a standard next to traditional gaming).

All i care about is Nintendo be making quality software.
I can still enjoy their games, even Wii being less powerfull than the ps360.
And if the next wii is around the Power of the PS3/360 (since hardware will costs less) i seriously don't see why people will complain...even by that time, the power of the PS3/360 could still be used for many different concepts.

Captain_Sony3516d ago

Obvious post from a Sony fanboy.. Links it to PS3 and 360 even though it has nothing to do with them..

ChickeyCantor3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

Are you referring to me?
Seriously, did you even read what i typed down?

Im not bashing Nintendo, im actually saying that im fine with it.
Dude seriously.

Stop jumping to conclusions and just read what people say.
I was saying that the next wii will most likely be as powerfull as the Ps3 or 360, if not stronger since hardware costs are coming down with each year.

And if that makes me a sony fanboy then you are out of your mind.
PRetty ironic, i have been called "wii-fanboy" like all the time.

SinnedNogara3504d ago


Eventually companies will have to rely on gameplay much more than graphics. Using the next-gen technology to make the graphics better and more complex. This may cause the price of games to skyrocket. I can't imagine graphics better than the ones we have now. Games take millions of dollars to produce already, and they are much more complex. Prices may eventually skyrocket. Nintendo will use the technology we have now, and by then this tech will be really cheap. Nintendo will probably pick up some 2010 tech. Nintendo will have this new technology and the WiiMotion Plus.