Search in Windows 7 will go beyond local (Updated)

In August, Windows Search 4.0 (WS4) was released to the masses. According to recent tests, the performance improvements were significant: 26 percent faster for Windows XP and 84 percent for Windows Vista. We already know that WS4 will be bundled in Vista SP2, so it's natural to expect that the Windows 7 Find and Organize team is using WS4 as the base for further improvements.

But the team won't be limited to performance tweaks. When Vista was released, its search features were significantly better than XP's. It's time to take a look at what Microsoft is planning to do for search for Windows 7; according to information Microsoft has released to developers, search in Windows 7 can go beyond a local network:

Windows 7 supports searching for documents beyond the user's own PC. Developers and IT professionals can enable their search engines, document repositories, web applications, and proprietary data stores to be searched from Windows 7 without needing to write and deploy client code. This enables end users to search their corporate intranet or the web as easily as they can search for their local files-all from within the same familiar Windows interface.

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