Gaming Nexus: Disgaea DS Review

Gaming Nexus writes: "Disgaea for Nintendo DS is a title that I am torn about liking. On one hand it has all the stuff about the game I enjoy, strategic action, likable characters, and a solid story. But in the transition to the smaller storage media that the DS offers it lost a lot of the little things that helped make it the heart-warming tale of demons that everyone fell in love with on the PS2 back in 2003. Plus I already have the game on two other consoles! Disgaea DS still manages to hold up quite well to some of the other strategy RPG titles on the system despite being a title from the halcyon days of the PS2. A couple of titles that immediately come to mind as inferior are Final Fantasy Tactics A2 and Front Mission, both of which feel slow and clunky in contrast to Disgaea's speedy style of gameplay."

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