Gaming Nexus: Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Review

Gaming Nexus writes: "The Nintendo DS is a title that really gets a lot of crap crammed in to its library. For every gem like Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia you get ten different Petz titles from Ubisoft, or maybe My Word Coach titles. Regardless we've all been to the game store emporium, and seen the myriad of titles on the console and you ask yourself "What should I get?." Well the answer dear reader, is a Castlevania title. Perfect for just about anyone that remembers the old school of gaming, but prefers the technology of today. Order of Ecclesia serves up some of the most refined game play that the series has to offer and comes close to topping Aria of Sorrow as my favorite hand-held title of the series. This game is in many ways superior to Aria of Sorrow and should not be missed this holiday season, especially since it might be a while before we get another 2-D game."

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