Gaming Nexus: NHL 09 Review

Gaming Nexus writes: "When you're a fan of a title that is released on an annual basis, you start to feel like you know what you can expect from the game. I'm sure this is why people anticipate games like Madden, NCAA Football, and other sports titles, because they have enjoyed the previous iterations playing experience and look forward to the new features, the roster updates, and getting to play the current version of their favorite team every year.

What keeps these games feeling fresh is the continual innovation of on the part of the developers to give the player as full and as rich of a playing experience as possible. I imagine for a game that receives as much development and attention as say, the Madden franchise, this gets harder and harder to do each year. As these titles age, the paths the developers take from one season to the next become more set in stone, and barring a complete rewrite (like the one the 2K Sports NHL franchise recently underwent), the title will eventually stagnate."

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