Gaming Nexus: Far Cry 2 Review

Gaming Nexus writes: "The drums are tense but low as you make your way to the crest of the hill. Easing up over the tall grass, you spot the guards, you spot the machine gun nest, assess your chances. As you prepare to act, you hear an engine screaming toward you, bullets zipping by as an enemy vehicle barrels off the road, its grill yearning for your face. The drums rise. Your next action seals your fate.
This is combat. This is Africa. This is Far Cry 2.

Far Cry is an FPS whose chief ambition is to transcend the FPS genre, in terms of storytelling, design, and level of immersion. It does so with more than a modicum of success, and more than a little bit of frustration."

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jammy_703333d ago

but how do you get out of the heart of darkness???
i want more trophies lol