Gaming Nexus: Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Review

Gaming Nexus writes: "When Ed Boon said the next Mortal Kombat game would be completely different, nobody knew quite what to expect. We had visions of a futuristic Mortal Kombat game with brand new characters and mythology. Or maybe an origins story that went all the way back to the birth of the Mortal Kombat competition. Everybody had a theory, but I will bet you money that nobody would have guessed that Sub-Zero and Scorpion's next challengers would be Superman and Batman. But that's exactly what we get, because the first Xbox 360 game in the franchise is none other than Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe.

When I first heard about this match-up I was a bit skeptical, the pairing didn't feel very natural and the idea of these monstrous killing machines going up against DC's biggest heroes (and villains) had me scratching my head with a whole new set of questions. Would the game retain all of the blood and gore? Would it feel like a silly cash-in? How could any one of the Mortal Kombat characters actually beat somebody like Superman? These are the questions that kept my anticipation for the game at realistic level. I was excited, but I was sure that pairing these two would eventually blow up in everybody's face."

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