Gaming Nexus: Battle of Britain Review

Gaming Nexus writes: "City-Interactive's Combat Wings Battle of Britain is something a little different for me: an unapologetic arcade-style flight combat game. My normal tastes run to the more realistic sims like the Ubisoft IL-2 Strurmovik and Pacific Fighters style of game. The problem with those, however, is that they present a pretty steep learning curve and the missions can take up to an hour to complete. Sometimes you just want to jump in and start shooting and not have to worry about the plethora of factors that go into a successful air-to-air engagement. Things like stall speed, G-force limitations, limited ammo, and a realistic damage model can be very deflating to the ego of the wannabe aerial ace.

Combat Wings eschews all of that complexity in the interest of easily approachable, dog-eat-dog dog fighting. Physics, aerodynamics, and airplane limitations do not enter into the equation at all. In fact, even the advanced flight model is as simplistic as possible while still retaining some semblance of reality. The easy mode is even more simplistic and is suitable for children aged 3 to, oh, about 5. Honestly, your hamster could fly this thing in the easy mode, although the absence of small rodent sized game controllers might be a limiting factor."

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