Gaming Nexus: Dokapon Kingdom Review

Gaming Nexus writes: "Last year I gushed when D3 brought us Puzzle Quest, a mash-up between a role-playing game and Bejeweled. So I should be just as excited to tell you about Dokapon Kingdom, a mash-up between a role-playing game and Mario Party, right? Well, not so much. Atlus's newest role-playing game hybrid is certainly unique and quirky, but it never comes together to make a compelling single or multiplayer game.

You can't accuse Dokapon Kingdom of not being completely unusual. It's also sadistic, the game clearly states on the back of the box that it's "The Friendship Destroying Game!" While I won't go that far, I will say that this can definitely be one hell of a competitive (and even confrontational) RPG/board game. It's not without a few faults, but if you're one of those people who wants the deepest version of Mario Party ever made you it may be worth looking into this $40 PlayStation 2 game."

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