Gaming Nexus: SAS Secure Tomorrow Review

Gaming Nexus writes: "City-Interactive's SAS Secure Tomorrow is another entry in the nearly endless stream of titles in the "Budget Shooter" genre, and as such should benefit from the low expectations one brings to such a game. It seems unfair to compare one of these games with top-shelf titles like Call of Duty, Crysis, and the like. The again, it also seems unfair to grade a second tier game at the same level as a state-of-the-art, high budget shooter that only costs $20 more. I suffer this dilemma whenever I am faced with reviewing a budget game, and SAS was no different.

The plot of SAS, such as it is, centers around a terrorist group attaining control over a nuclear weapon/plant/insert applicable device here. This plot is, of course, as old and tired as a 1st generation iPod. That said, there aren't any mutants involved and that's always worth at least one point in my book. I hate mutants. In SAS, you will be working your way through a prison riot, an office complex, the icy geography of Greenland, and ultimately a nuclear reactor facility. You will be accompanied in your quest by two fellow squad members. So far, so… routine."

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