Sony launches MyPSN on

Eurogamer writes: "Sony has updated with new MyPSN features that allow you to track your friends' online status, create a portable ID and take part in various events.

Your portable ID "contains your PSN avatar, Online ID, current mood, favourite console and more", and can be embedded in forum signatures and elsewhere.

"Over time, the portable ID will evolve to include Trophies and achievements," the MyPSN website adds."

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chasuk083336d ago

This happenend on saturday :/

marinelife93335d ago

Great Sony. Now let me log into the internet site and start my file downloads on my PS3 at home while I'm still at work.

chasuk083335d ago

You wanna remotely access your ps3 over the internet from an internet browser to allow you to download stuff. It will never happen.

Armyless3335d ago

but you can do that with the PSP right now.

Mikelarry3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

that they are improving on the site but i mean come on look at the american site and look at the uk site everything on the american site looks and flows better. the person that added this just made a new page with some columns. they need to fire the person that chooses the design layout for the uk

gumgum993336d ago

good for you, Sony.

good for you.

poopsack3336d ago

nice job on the "latest" news eurogamer

riksweeney3336d ago

It's not their fault, they probably only check industry news Monday to Friday!

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