Xbox Evolved: 007: Quantum of Solace Review

Xbox Evolved writes: "Despite the fact that he hasn't been a truly good 007 game since GoldenEye, games after games still came out and even managed to get me to like one title very much which was EA's Everything or Nothing. It may help you to know where I'm coming from on this review, especially when I open with the fact that I think Quantum of Solace has regressed the Bond franchise back to the point it was at when EA first got the franchise and those were dark, dark times my friends.

Now that I've got everyone interested with that inflammatory statement let me explain myself. What EA had done with the franchise after their initial failures was to actually make it their own and in so doing they actually made it feel pretty Bondian, yes, that's a word now in the 00 handbook. In other words, the games became more than just a license that EA was spitting out. Quantum of Solace feels like a licensed game. Not necessarily a bad licensed game, but one none the less. What do I mean by this? I mean that it doesn't stand on its own, but on the mimicry of other games. It was developed because the license existed, not because an idea for a game existed. This is exactly what EA was doing when they first received the Bond license and it's the exact wrong way to go about making a Bond game (or any game, for that matter)."

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