Video: Adobe dabbles in video-object manipulation

Engadget writes: "Hey you, hot-shot movie cutter! Now that we've got your attention, have a look at this. Adobe's research laboratory has been toiling away with a sophisticated interactive video-object manipulation system, which gives video editors all sorts of creative windows with next to no rendering lag. An After Effects demonstration shows an editor selecting the outside of a cab and typing "taxi" -- once the text is imprinted on the vehicle, it stays on the car as it moves up and down the street. We know, you're totally scratching your head trying to envision what we just said, so why not just head past the break and give it a look?"

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PenisaurisDix3394d ago

I am pretty glad now that Adobe bought Macromedia. They've taken the Flash Player to new heights. And their work with Alchemy , which allows C/C++ binaries to run natively in the Flash Player is good news for gamers. Go over the New Ground and check out Doom running natively in the Flash Player -- not some lame Sprite MovieClip Doom but the real Doom game - running in your browser with only Flash Player 10 needed.

Adobe R&D seems really busy . Inspiring !

Kratos Spartan3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

how 'bout that cutie in the green shirt ;-D

Naw, really, pretty interesting stuff

inFAMOUS_KRATOS3394d ago

anyways nice technology know gives the government more reason to catch black guy on tv... technology is devils work

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