Game Revolution: Call of Duty: World at War Review

Game Revolution writes: "You're 16-years old and your parents have left town for the weekend. Do you: (a) spend the weekend catching up on schoolwork and cleaning the house, (b) lock up the house and stay at a friend's house for the weekend, or (c) throw a big party and "borrow" Dad's new Porsche for some impromptu street racing? If you answered (a) or (b), you're not a very good liar and deserve whatever punishment your parents give you. For the correct answer is, of course, (c).

Like a teenager left home alone for the weekend with the keys to the liquor cabinet and Dad's prized car, Treyarch has been left in charge of the latest Call of Duty title while Infinity Ward's away. Last time Activision gave them the keys to Infinity Ward's baby, Treyarch took the series on a stupidly wild ride that resembled a cheap knock-off of a Rambo flick. Call of Duty 3's best moments were rip-offs of the prior two Call of Duty games, and its many bad moments were sub-par attempts at Hollywood action movie thrills."

+ Same great control mechanics
+ Same great graphics and sound
+ Same great online play
- . . .but much more chaotic
- Less gameplay variation than CoD4
- Unengaging co-op mode

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