Game Revolution: Tom Clancy's EndWar Review

Game Revolution writes: "The era of hands-free headsets has given everyone an alibi for talking to him- or herself. If someone catches you muttering aloud your caffeine-fueled machinations for world domination, you can now give them a smile, touch your hand to your ear to feign adjusting your headset, and go about your business. You're not crazy, you're just "talking on the phone".

As a voice-controlled real-time strategy game, Tom Clancy's Endwar gives us yet another excuse for indulging our headset-justified craziness. Over the last week, my neighbors have been listening to me say choice phrases like, "Unit 2 Move to Zulu". And when my units get uncooperative, the folks next door have heard me shout memorable lines like, "Goddammit!, Unit 4, Move to Fucking Alpha before I WMD Your Ass!" Prior to the days when we could talk to our cars and our vacuum cleaners, the neighbors would have assumed I had a strange predilection for referring to my children by unit numbers, and for referring to their beds by Greek letters and African tribes. Thankfully, these days no one bats an eyelash."

+ Impressive voice-recognition technology
+ Solid core RTS gameplay
+ Promising online mode
+ Simple play mechanics
- . . .a tad too simple
- Lackluster visuals
- No personal investment

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