PSX Extreme: WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009 PS2 Review

PSX Extreme writes: "The WWE SmackDown franchise has become a staple for THQ ever since they've gained the WWE license from the, now defunct, Acclaim. From the start, the series has been a smash hit and a financial success for THQ. So it's no surprise that nearly every single year following the first release has been a new SmackDown game (the first two SmackDowns both came out in 2000, in fact). So now, we're at the tenth game, a follow-up to last year's absurdly flawed and poor effort. But things have changed for SvR2009...THQ and Yukes have listened to our complaints.

The reigning champ of wrestling games lost its belt by default. It didn't matter if WWE2008 was the only wrestler available last year, it simply doesn't deserve any accolades. But this game, it's a different story. Last year my biggest complaint with SvR2008 was that it was slow...dreadfully slow, in fact. Wrestlers walked and ran at a snail's pace, and it was infuriating. The lack of excitement absolutely demolished a game full of potential. Clunkiness was another issue, the controls just didn't seem tight, and the poor collision detection didn't help make matters any better."

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