IGN: "Destroy All Humans! Not Cancelled in AU"

PS3 version cancelled in US but still coming in AU and UK.

- Following on from the rumoured cancellation of the PS3 version of Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon at Shacknews, we followed up the issue with THQ Australia and were told the PS3 game would be released in Australia and Europe in February 2009.

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Danja3334d ago

so why not release the game in Feb in the US also..??

but then again KZ2 and SF4 will be out that no-one will buy this game ne ways....

Darkseider3334d ago

personally I don't care whether it is released in the U.S. or not. The thing is though that the studio is being closed so I cannot see why they wouldn't release it in the states. Any money they make on it would be a bonus. I just don't get THQ.

Blink_443334d ago

They probably want to see how the game will sell there, and see if they should bother releasing it in the US.

Jdash243334d ago

That is lame, I was hoping to get it for the holidays. Now I'm probably not ever going to get it