Microsoft's Jasper Xbox Console Reaches Market Space with Improvements

Previously we mentioned about 65-nm CPU in Microsoft Xbox, now it seems that the long waited Jasper Xbox Console has reached consumer space recently. Basically the motherboard design doesn't change much except it will be powered by a new GPU with 65-nm process technology with much better power consumption along with some other changes in terms of flash memory storage space and power ratings.

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firerock913460d ago

good only one more chip to go after Jasper

chaosatom3460d ago

But do they supply RROD Consoles with this Jasper chip when they return it to consumer?

littletad3459d ago

We'll find out eventually though.

AAACE53459d ago

I offered my sons the option to pick whatever system they wanted for christmas (cause my wife had me convinced they would pick a Wii), and much to my surprise, they said a 360!

Now I gotta have 2 360's hooked up! At least with all the 360's people bought on black friday... I know I have a higher chance of getting one with this new board in it. Now all I need is that 120 Gb Hdd for mine...

FantasyStar3459d ago

aww, what a great dad. That warms my heart cause I never got something as grand and being able to pick out whatever I wanted. bubbles+

tatotiburon3459d ago

well right now microsoft it's sending xbox 360 with falcon mainboard for replacement, but if you send a NON-HDMI console (xbox 360 consoles between 2005 and july 2007) they will send you a console without HDMI but i'll have a falcon mainboard. Maybe microfot do the same with the replacement consoles, they cut out the HDMI support and use jasper mainboards. THIS IS ONLY for xbox 60 without HDMI, the oldest ones

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ElementX3460d ago

I wish they'd have quieter DVD drives. Does anyone know if the newer systems have quieter drives?

Captain Tuttle3459d ago

I don't know but since the NXE you could always load the game onto the HD.

theEnemy3459d ago

True but that's really a solution or an option to some.

wicked3459d ago

I picked up a new 60gb one recently, and that is much quieter than my UK launch 360 & the elite I got had last year. Both the fans & DVD drive are a lot quieter.

theEnemy3459d ago

sorry, typo.

"True but that's NOT really a solution or an option to some."


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gamfreak3459d ago

it a good news for xbox 360 user now that they don't have to worry too much on RROD cause if it happen the bots can do an exchange (provided the warranty is still valid) and i bet their hot-line would be flooded with angry BOTS user. Congatulation M$.

Keele3459d ago


C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S .


Gaara_7243459d ago

it doesnt have rrod coz i want an xbox even tho theres NO GAME I LIKE on it i want one just to be able to play with college friends but im not willin to pay for one till its rrod free

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