New MMO zOMG! a hit among Gaians

Gamertell has posted an article that includes interviews with Gaians and Senior Producer Dave Georgeson about the new MMO zOMG!

From the article:

"According to Georgeson, there's more to zOMG! than just the game that sets it apart from other MMOs.

'Many things… in particular, the ring system, which allows for more flexible gameplay than most MMOs; the storyline, dialogue and characters are also much more fully-developed than in other online games; and zOMG! offers a long list of social content unique to Gaia Online,' he said. 'Right now there are about two to three thousand players concurrently online. The servers can handle around 200-300 thousand players, so there definitely no server issues now. In Gaia Online, you can be a member of more than one 'club,' but in zOMG! you can only belong to one 'clan' (team) to give the development team more possibilities for the future (ie: mass pvp, battles, etc.) The programmers are building more tools and features for the clan system to make it more robust over the next few months.'"

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