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Gears of War 2 User Complaints

Softpedia: "Gears of War 2 was probably one of the most expected shooters this holiday season and one of the hottest Xbox 360 exclusives that Microsoft promoted. The sequel to a very popular shooter, this game promised to bring back the same non-stop action and excellent gameplay that gained the first title so many fans.

A lot of tweaks were made to this new game, including a revamped cover system, a new story that focused more on romance, instead of the mindless violence, and some new weapons and multiplayer modes. But sadly, not many of the changes were very good, as quite a bunch of users have complained that things were changed from the first game for no reason whatsoever, and that now, a lot of problems have made them resell their copy or throw it on a shelf to gather dust." (Gears of War 2, Xbox 360)

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SprayandPreycom  +   2553d ago
I beat in on ez and haven't played it since but that being said the campaign was probably the best gaming experience ive had in a long time ...anyone who thinks the campaign aspect was weak is seriously out of touch with gaming or just a nag ... im just waiting to get around to beating it on insane plus horde is pretty cool ... but really no complaints here mate.. and now a vid from arnold ...

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inane   2553d ago | Spam
Anon1974  +   2553d ago
Trading it in today.
I just finished it over the weekend. It was fun. Now I'm done. Not much variety in the weapons which I found disappointing but I think I enjoyed this one at least as much as the first. Always hated the multiplayer in this game and no difference there, I see.
QUNE  +   2553d ago
I thought the campaign was excellent..
My only complaint is that personally I really don't like games where you have to unload 100 rounds into something to kill it. I like killing humans. They take less rounds.
I didn't play the first game, but I knew this before buying so I can't blame anyone but myself.
borgome  +   2553d ago
Ahh, don't trade it in, come play some multiplayer, I love owning nubs who don't have the skill to play this game.
PS360PCROCKS  +   2553d ago
Go Chargers go? HA! You're a JOKE! Go BRONCOS Go!!
borgome  +   2553d ago
Ahh, the nubs disagreeing with my comment, funny stuff.
FantasyStar  +   2553d ago
My complaint is the Shotgun(Gnasher), and that I miss the old Hammerburst.

Don't get me wrong, I think it's a great move to decrease the over-powerful Gnasher, but now the Shotgun is under-powered. I think Epic needs to re-think the Gnasher to find a balance. Also I loved using the Burst-fire Hammerburst in Gears 1, but now Gears 2 the Hammerburst is simply Automatic. It just doesn't feel right.
FantasyStar  +   2553d ago
I like to think that I'm very good with the Gnasher in Gears 1. However in Gears 2; I'd rather use a Lancer over a Gnasher in straight up CQB. If that doesn't get Bleszinski's noggin rollin': then there's no way to beat sense into the man than an AR has a better advantage at point-blank distance than a Shotgun.
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Vecta  +   2553d ago
I exclusively use the Shotgun in 1v1 encounters and my K:D ratio is 2.2... maybe you need to learn how to aim the shotgun before complaining about it.

Its a good thing keeps all of your kill stats for each weapon, Epic will see how many kills people have with the shotgun and not give in to the complaints.
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MiloGarret  +   2553d ago
Yeah, I do the same thing and I've actually managed to get a K/D ratio of 4.24. People complaining about the shotgun being weak and lancer being too powerful are just really bad players, period. The weapon system is completely superior to geow1 which was stupid in that regard.

OH, and WTF is this!?!??!: "Another quite frequent user complaint that we have seen is the fact that the online matchmaking system is really faulty, as it sends users from North America for example, to games that are hosted by European users. This results in big lags, which render the game almost unplayable by the North American gamers."

The matchmaking system IS very faulty, but AMERICANS are complaining? Awww, poor american gamers. How do you think we europeans feel when a VAST majority of players on geow2 are americans? 3 out of 10 times I'll just leave because it lags so much, and I've got a 100 mbit connection!
Just make a US/Europe playlist, that way we won't have to listen to americans going nigg3r this nigg3r that fäggöt etc etc etc. And no, I don't have anything against americans in general, just the majority of them on Live.
trancefreak  +   2553d ago
my complaint is i dont have 360 right now to play gears. Was very tempted @ gamestop tonight
Sayai jin  +   2553d ago
You know I realized something a while ago after I brought my 360. IMHO, I realized that my gaming experience would be even better after I brought a PS3. I get to enjoy games on all three consoles. So, pick up a 360 and give Gears a whirl. It takes about 30 minutes to an hour to really appreciate it.
KILLERAPP  +   2553d ago
Gears 2 is not a revolution to the franchise but simply moves it a little forward in perfecting what is already there and there is nothing wrong with it, to me gears is all about the multiplayer and this game is good, there will always be complaints in games because no game is perfect but with a patch they will probably fix a lot of things and make things even better as for me I have to a scheduled I order to play all the games that are out, to play gears 2, RS 2 and socom there are too many games and so little time good years to be a gamer.
DA_SHREDDER  +   2553d ago
"simply moves it a little forward in perfecting what is already there and there is nothing wrong with it"
Wow. Lets finish the rest where you go "but with a patch they will probably fix a lot of things". So I dont get it. There is nothing wrong with the game yet they will patch what is broken? Ladies and gentlemen. I present to you the finest example of a fanboy in denial.
Not only do fanboys and the general press excuse these short comings, but alot of games suffer in their overall scores just because the game isn't Gears 2, or an Infinity Ward game. You people are Epic Failures,

I bought Gears 2, but Im not keeping it. This article explains every frustration Ive had with the game, but thats not the end of it. The game is just too slow for me. I dont understand why it takes 3 seconds or so just to turn around? CQC is a joke. The only way to really fight in CQC is with the saw, but what if I got any other weapon? Don't get me wrong. The game is good, I really wanted to fall into the hype for this game, but again, marketing and fanboys win. Numbers mean everything now.

Oh yeah, and just so you guys understand, I love my 360 more then my ps3. Live is the bomb, but Im not like all of you. I dont hype something that doesn't deserve it. I own Left 4 Dead, and yes I love it, but its too short. These games are good, and could have been better, but they were obviously rushed to make it for the holiday season. Smart more for Microsoft, cause you fanboys would buy anything. Im getting rid of both games though, Neither have much replayability unless you wanna do campaign and Horde for the next couple of years. The way I look at it is, get my multiplats on my 360, and get the good exclusives for my ps3.
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sofresh200  +   2553d ago
Cliffy B.....
should have had a pubic beta.
kylo12  +   2553d ago
What's a pubic beta? LOL..jk, I know what you meant.
MiloGarret  +   2553d ago
ablecain  +   2553d ago
Gears of War 2 is not a good game
GoW2 is to gaming what The Da Vinci Code is to literature. The masses love it, but there simply isn't much substance. It's a mindless shooter that satisfies people's thirst for blood and gore. It's just dumb.
PeptoBismol  +   2553d ago
still a fun game regardless

that's all that matters

I'm enjoying my copy
Cheeseknight28  +   2553d ago
Explain how Gears of War 2 is any different from Resistance 2, Halo 3, or COD: 4 or 5, when it comes to delivering only savage desires.

Don't get me wrong, I love all of them, but you seem to be bashing Gears for no reason at all.
johover112  +   2553d ago
yes they are all good games but some of them just some annoying points. I think people keep bashing Gears 2 because its been hyped up too much, Cliff has been going around n4g telling everyone that its gonna be game of the year. i mean don't get me wrong its a good game (i own it myself) but i find somethings just pointless. like multiplayer changes, now everytime you shoot someone they slow down big time.....big time. but i also believe the cover system is a great improvement. the ending sucked and i think the game is not really much of a challenge anymore. now, Resistance 2 is different in terms of A.I. Insomniac Games always do a amazing job with all of there games. Resistance 2 is different in size....meaning size of boards, monsters. resistance also has better explosions, even with the monsters. their guts drag down from the walls leaving a blood trail. currently huge mess unless they patch the crap out of it....and this is coming from a playstation guy. COD4, nothing can be said amazing game, won't be surprise if it's a choice for game of the year. some people always have a problem with a game, and that's just normal.
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DA_SHREDDER  +   2553d ago
COD4 game of the year?
Dude, that was last years game of the year. It cant win two times in two years. LOL. Also,, you know Gears 2 is gonna win, even thought there are hundreds of bugs, and technical difficulties online. My GOTY is between COD5 for the 360( it plays way better on the 360 then the ps3) and Motorstorm 2. We all know Motorstorm 2 or any exclusive Racing game on the ps3 wont even be a runner up. Why you may ask? Because they aren't on the 360. I bet anyone that Burnout Paradise will win it, despite it being boring. Gran Turismo wont even be mentioned either. You guys know Im right?
RH06  +   2553d ago
Gran turismo...
That game an't even out yet, GT5 will be out Dec.2009, your thinking about that crappy GT5P...Yes every game though shows off it's own experience, from Resistance 2 to GOW2, their all great!
BX81  +   2553d ago
Loved IT!
Gears 2 is great! I played part one online and thought it was lame! too slow for me. Gears 2 made me really appreciate the covering system and the team concept. As for the shot-gun I find if you take time to aim at the head you will get more out of it! the lancer is not overpowered. It's a chain saw you not supposed to be able to with stand it. I will say this once you start it up and head toward someone it's a pain to stop the weilder with bullets.
IQUITN4G  +   2553d ago
I tell you what's also dumb, those old games from our past like Pacman and space Invaders - eating ghosts is quite absurd isn't it but still terrific fun

Slightly odd point you're trying to make
iggypop123  +   2553d ago
the campaign is awesome. the story is stupid nobody cared for it,but the multiplayer is pathetic. no balance everywhere you look
Sayai jin  +   2553d ago
This article is funny. It's as funny as the article saying LBP was a flop, yeah right!

Anytime you change something in a game sequel people complain. I know a few people who do not like the new firing system in the game, but most love it.

"But sadly, not many of the changes were very good". Based on what?
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Kleptic  +   2553d ago
Gears 2 and Resistance 2 both have a general buzz though in that the competitive multiplayer aspects of both games fell way short of what people hoped...

Gears 2 had some drastic changes to the multiplayer, as pointed out by this article...the chainsaw 'dueling' is still completely hindered by UE3's poor online coding (host advantage, framerate dips, etc...its all still there...its not gears fault, its the engine)...which results in the better connection almost always winning...the shotgun is now pointless...and the lancer is now the go to weapon overall...which it shouldn't be...

compare that with Resistance 2...a traditional hip shooter has been blended almost completely into a CoD 4 clone...control wise...that isn't really a bad thing on its own...its just that the core design of the competitive mode doesn't mesh well with that...the maps are WAY too large...60 players sounds like a lot, yet in R2 you can run around literally looking for people to shoot at, not seeing anyone but 2 or 3 other guys on your squad...also, weapon range is a can see people way off in the distance...yet the carbine (which is an assault rifle) can't hit something from just 50 feet away...

so it controls like CoD 4 now...yet still forces you to get up inside of 25 feet or so to really do any damage...which is how a hip shooter what exactly where they trying to do?...

both games have great co-op though...the control of Resistance 2 comes into its own in Co-op, and the class based system works extremely well...same with Horde in Gears 2...which is easily the selling point of the game overall; according to most anyway...

and both games have superior single player campaigns compared to the first titles...

I know this has nothing to do with Resistance 2...just pointing out what the general consensus seems to be for both games...competitive modes were a let down...and everything else was excellent more or less...
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fishy1  +   2553d ago
Its not as fun as the first
That says it all, I was hooked on the first, played it for 6 months straight online. But with the new matchmaking, not being able to choose what type of game to play, and the fact that peeps quit and you cant get them replaced and the loss of map rotation, having to go back to the lobby after each map and find a new game have ruined it for me. After a few weeks I dont want to play no more. They screwed it up big time for me, and many of my friends.
Strife Lives  +   2553d ago
Multiplayer is effin awesome!
Perfect mix of strategy and speed and just about everythng and more of Geow1.I tried to play Geow1 this weekend,but its so primitive compared to Geow2. From sticking grenades onto walls to moving when you downd. But FIX THE EFFIN MULTIPLAYER MATCHMAKING.we dont want it ! so what if we get stuck in games with Noobs? Everybody needs to learn.we'll just chuck them into the deep end,but THEY'LL SWIM. . .Sooner or later.Give me unranked matchs.I want to find a game now,not 30min.the update dint work for me.My NAT is open and on a 7Mb Line its taking 30min to find a proper game.Im sick of having to play Wingman all the damn time.cuz thats the only place I find a game in 2 min.just because it needs 2 players per team.Thank Goodness Wingman is a great multiplayer game. . .
felidae  +   2553d ago
i think everything's fine .. nothing needs to be fixed.
Mikelarry  +   2553d ago
Gears of war
2 is an example of how a developer tinker with a games fault and completely ruin the experience. everything about gears of war 1 was faced paced from finding a match to being destroyed if you waited around too long and didnt have a strategy. but gears two is opposite. if you wanna win a match just have 3 of your team mates wield the chainsaw and you can tell whos gonna win the match. finding a game is a chore as it takes me almost 15 mins to find a game, playing it is even worse. in gears 1 to get a chainsaw kill was a gamble if the other person was using a shotgun but now the chainsaw is just a godly weapon that even a shotgun to the face cant stop. as of now i am giving epic time to fix it, if they do listen they have kept me as a customer for the third game but if not then thats it for me i will be selling my gears of war games and moving on to a different game to get my alien ass kicking kicks.
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cpuchess  +   2553d ago
Add smarts to the bots
The game is a lot of fun to play for both single players and multiplayer. The party system was a great addition. I just wished they would fix the stupid bots so they would act more human. So many times bots just sit around and do nothing and the games end in stalemate.
rbluetank  +   2553d ago
gears2 is a good game to be broken on UT3 engine. it is not a triple A game!
Can someone name a true AAA title were the "gamer" are floating in the skyline,underneath the map, glitching outside the map, turning invisible online and with your team mates if you choose,weapon glitching,riding on the back of monster in the sp/online game,screen tearing into focus,and (DOM!) is as bad as it gets. he gets stuck on a wall or lost. There is more i left out but this an example. Can someone name one game in gaming history that has all of these flaws at one time for one games? Ok! (Gear1) really, can you name one game? Gears2 has all of these flaws and it is call AAA. i smell bullhits!

why is there only 8 enemies you can fight at a time on these big "@ss" boards. they have a lot of room on the boards you fight on to have more then 8 enemies to fight at a time. they have alot of background enemies but the foreground is 8 or less. Epic can not even fix/remedy all of these bugs and concerns on their own engine when they are the same as 2006 gears1. This tells me that they are not that good of a dev or the engine sucks. it might be the latter engine "sucks first"!
PistolPumptMonk  +   2553d ago
I'm getting so tired of hearing about "AAA" games. What the hell does that even mean, really? That a ton of people bought it? That it has an average over 90 on metacritic? This is seriously what you're basing this on? My goodness grow your own brain and learn to use it, just because a game is in the 80's or 70's doesn't mean YOU won't like it a lot more than a game in the 90's.

Public opinion is often the dumbest opinion.
Cherchez La Ghost  +   2553d ago
"But sadly, not many of the changes were very good, as quite a bunch of users have complained that things were changed from the first game for no reason whatsoever, and that now, a lot of problems have made them resell their copy or throw it on a shelf to gather dust."

I like that line right there. I might have more scratches on my disc than dust. But thanks to the HD Install, I don't have to worry about that.

Anyway, I think the guy who wrote this article is a "tad-bit little too late" with this subject. Believe me, there are a thousands of gamers submitted feedback to Epic about these issues before he thought of writing this article within the first week of release of Gears 2.

Besides, I hate that Old-man on Meatwagon, that Mofo's shotty will drop you with ease on Insane. LOL!!!
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Sikgimp  +   2553d ago
GOW was a fluke!
Im a massive fan of the first game, played it to death and was well excited by the second coming. But how did they get the multi player so wrong. 5 players are to many the game loses its close intense feel, power weapons are everywhere and take basically no skill at all. The new maps are all open and two big which doesnt suit the game and finally the shotgun sucks! All the crap about "well if you learn to aim" im extremely accurate with the blind fire and am punished for not aiming two inches in front of me? Oh and when was the last time a smoke grenade exploded and knocked someone to the ground for 20 seconds? its a canister?
If you go back to gears 1 (which i have)you will find a faster, smoother, more intense game that fills in like 2min with no gay match making.
Im sorry but i really believe epic just got lucky with the first game and they can keep their "noob" friendly 2.0
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divideby0  +   2553d ago
I am playing through SP and its ok, but honestly I was more compelled to finish R2 for some reason faster than GOW2. I am enjoying it, but not nearly as much as I did GOW1. Online I have no intrest in for this title
Jeebs  +   2553d ago
My complaint is that the author used the line "This results in big lags."

well, it's not quite a complaint as it is a punch-line.
Terror2k9  +   2553d ago
Its only people that have not given the deep multiplayer strategys and tactical skills a shot! this game is full of techniques. my crew and I have been having so much fun with this game till 5 in the morning all this holiday season. So much fun I don't have a single game on my ps3 able to hold me like this one has and i have home,R2,lbp,and socom they all pale in comparison! I still have hope for my ps3 because the hype for killzone 2 is through the roof and they say the visuals are better than gears 2,if thats the truth that game will rock because gears 2 graphics are off the hooK,but graphics is not every thing gameplay is the main thing and gears 2 has that,they just need to stop stand-by glichters!!!
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PistolPumptMonk  +   2553d ago
When you start your opinion with "strategys", it's kind of difficult to take you seriously. Sorry.
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JeffGUNZ  +   2553d ago
People aren't using the shotgun? Really? I am pretty sure that the few times I die, it involves the other teams shotgun. What is this guy talking about? Everyone is using the same weapons the same way as Gears 1. All you have to do is actually AIM your shotgun in this game, that's all. If there is little lag, then the shotgun is fine, but when I get on the queen of englands server, my character is shaking more then michael J. Fox.
Terror2k9  +   2553d ago
Its not NORmAL lagg it happens to peoples benefit like you behind them and all of a sudden they behind you! its people that ruin these online games,its been happening for years. They need to boot peoples whos signals drop all of a sudden to keep them from cheating because people just can't help themselves but to cheat! Its sad really.The other day we fought a invisible player who killed everyone!that glitch has to be killed.
borgome  +   2553d ago
ya campaign was ok, but I don't care because multiplayer is freaking awesome.
ASSASSYN 36o  +   2553d ago
This game has an amazing campaign one of the best I have ever played for a third person shooter. I haven't played due to the multiplayer. The shotgun is so pointless for the player it should not even be accessible. The A.I. has not problem though preforming a 1 shot kill with the shotgun why can't I!?
THELANDOFSAND  +   2553d ago
Try This?
Aim for the head or feet using an active reload shot at close range and you will get a one shot kill.


Its more difficult than in the first game... But practise makes perfect!
THELANDOFSAND  +   2553d ago
okay, I have had the f***king annoying disc read error problem, from day one, brand new disc, all other games/DVD's run fine (even scratched ones). Either this is a hardware error or a disc production error. I have to keep putting the disc in and out of the 360 to get it to recognise the disc, 6/7 times, sometimes for 20-30 minutes before it will recognise the disc and load the game. I have it installed, and it made no difference. After the system has recognised the disc, i can go to dash and all over the NXE, and I can go back and launch the game fine. If i take it out though, i have to go through the 20/30 minute open/close drive fun.


Come ON! Epic knows about this:

I am not alone, I'm very pissed off, and I deserve to play the $60 game I paid for on my premium 360, not fight with it every day to make the damn thing load.


Though when it does load... lovin it! Gears PWNS ALL!
Lord Vader  +   2553d ago
If it aint broke...
"the weapons became gravely unbalanced, their power having been dramatically modified, as opposed to the first game"

"Another quite frequent user complaint that we have seen is the fact that the online matchmaking system is really faulty, as it sends users from North America for example, to games that are hosted by European users. This results in big lags, which render the game almost unplayable by the North American gamers."

"The famous accessory of the Lancer, the chainsaw bayonet, is also a bit too powerful, as there is nothing the players can do once it begins to rev and they can just see their character being sliced up in tiny pieces."

"...some new weapons and multiplayer modes. But sadly, not many of the changes were very good, as quite a bunch of users have complained that things were changed from the first game for no reason whatsoever, and that now, a lot of problems have made them resell their copy or throw it on a shelf to gather dust."

Yep. All true, I have experienced all these faults personally. I have been chainsawed through mounted mulcher fire = lol. Gears2 MP is ruined. Matchmaking sucks & the MP feels like an arcade game with horrible lag. All my friends are... er, were Gears hardcore players. Now we all play COD:WAW.

Great job Cliffy B.

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Balance  +   2553d ago
i played gears 1 mp for about 8months strait and i am enjoying gears 2 a bunch. especially since the other night i fired up gears and got a prompt to download an update ever since then i can finally get in a match in a few seconds. i don't see how the chainsaw is overpowering, you get close to someone you get chainsawed that simple. i think alot of gears 1 players that were shotgun noobs are pissed because now they have a much harder time just running around with the shotgun and can only use in close halways the way it was meant to be used.

other than the past few weeks when it took forever to get into a match (which is now fixed) gears 2 MP is awsome. lots of variety between submission, warzone and horde.
vmartin12  +   2553d ago
GoW2 is a Joke..
I'm a competitive player..
Gears 2 just stabs all the competitive players in the back..

Anyone can play and rape with a chainsaw or just nade tag walls and kill downed players..


The game nearly takes no skill now..........

I enjoy hoping BACK onto GoW and just running through kids..
I am seriously enjoying GoW 1 more then 2..

GJ CliffyB... You killed what could have been a GODLY game..

Sure, the new stuff is interesting for a week..

But, GoW 1 StYl3 > GoW 2 StYl3...

Boomshot on canals is epic fail.
AngryTypingGuy  +   2553d ago
No complaints here. This could be my favorite game ever. I love everything about it.
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