Gears of War 2 User Complaints

Softpedia: "Gears of War 2 was probably one of the most expected shooters this holiday season and one of the hottest Xbox 360 exclusives that Microsoft promoted. The sequel to a very popular shooter, this game promised to bring back the same non-stop action and excellent gameplay that gained the first title so many fans.

A lot of tweaks were made to this new game, including a revamped cover system, a new story that focused more on romance, instead of the mindless violence, and some new weapons and multiplayer modes. But sadly, not many of the changes were very good, as quite a bunch of users have complained that things were changed from the first game for no reason whatsoever, and that now, a lot of problems have made them resell their copy or throw it on a shelf to gather dust."

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SprayandPreycom3393d ago

I beat in on ez and haven't played it since but that being said the campaign was probably the best gaming experience ive had in a long time ...anyone who thinks the campaign aspect was weak is seriously out of touch with gaming or just a nag ... im just waiting to get around to beating it on insane plus horde is pretty cool ... but really no complaints here mate.. and now a vid from arnold ...

3393d ago
Anon19743393d ago

I just finished it over the weekend. It was fun. Now I'm done. Not much variety in the weapons which I found disappointing but I think I enjoyed this one at least as much as the first. Always hated the multiplayer in this game and no difference there, I see.

QUNE3393d ago

My only complaint is that personally I really don't like games where you have to unload 100 rounds into something to kill it. I like killing humans. They take less rounds.
I didn't play the first game, but I knew this before buying so I can't blame anyone but myself.

borgome3393d ago

Ahh, don't trade it in, come play some multiplayer, I love owning nubs who don't have the skill to play this game.

PS360PCROCKS3393d ago

Go Chargers go? HA! You're a JOKE! Go BRONCOS Go!!

borgome3393d ago

Ahh, the nubs disagreeing with my comment, funny stuff.

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FantasyStar3393d ago

My complaint is the Shotgun(Gnasher), and that I miss the old Hammerburst.

Don't get me wrong, I think it's a great move to decrease the over-powerful Gnasher, but now the Shotgun is under-powered. I think Epic needs to re-think the Gnasher to find a balance. Also I loved using the Burst-fire Hammerburst in Gears 1, but now Gears 2 the Hammerburst is simply Automatic. It just doesn't feel right.

FantasyStar3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

I like to think that I'm very good with the Gnasher in Gears 1. However in Gears 2; I'd rather use a Lancer over a Gnasher in straight up CQB. If that doesn't get Bleszinski's noggin rollin': then there's no way to beat sense into the man than an AR has a better advantage at point-blank distance than a Shotgun.

Vecta3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

I exclusively use the Shotgun in 1v1 encounters and my K:D ratio is 2.2... maybe you need to learn how to aim the shotgun before complaining about it.

Its a good thing keeps all of your kill stats for each weapon, Epic will see how many kills people have with the shotgun and not give in to the complaints.

MiloGarret3393d ago

Yeah, I do the same thing and I've actually managed to get a K/D ratio of 4.24. People complaining about the shotgun being weak and lancer being too powerful are just really bad players, period. The weapon system is completely superior to geow1 which was stupid in that regard.

OH, and WTF is this!?!??!: "Another quite frequent user complaint that we have seen is the fact that the online matchmaking system is really faulty, as it sends users from North America for example, to games that are hosted by European users. This results in big lags, which render the game almost unplayable by the North American gamers."

The matchmaking system IS very faulty, but AMERICANS are complaining? Awww, poor american gamers. How do you think we europeans feel when a VAST majority of players on geow2 are americans? 3 out of 10 times I'll just leave because it lags so much, and I've got a 100 mbit connection!
Just make a US/Europe playlist, that way we won't have to listen to americans going nigg3r this nigg3r that fäggöt etc etc etc. And no, I don't have anything against americans in general, just the majority of them on Live.

trancefreak3393d ago

my complaint is i dont have 360 right now to play gears. Was very tempted @ gamestop tonight

Sayai jin3393d ago

You know I realized something a while ago after I brought my 360. IMHO, I realized that my gaming experience would be even better after I brought a PS3. I get to enjoy games on all three consoles. So, pick up a 360 and give Gears a whirl. It takes about 30 minutes to an hour to really appreciate it.

KILLERAPP3393d ago

Gears 2 is not a revolution to the franchise but simply moves it a little forward in perfecting what is already there and there is nothing wrong with it, to me gears is all about the multiplayer and this game is good, there will always be complaints in games because no game is perfect but with a patch they will probably fix a lot of things and make things even better as for me I have to a scheduled I order to play all the games that are out, to play gears 2, RS 2 and socom there are too many games and so little time good years to be a gamer.

DA_SHREDDER3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

Wow. Lets finish the rest where you go "but with a patch they will probably fix a lot of things". So I dont get it. There is nothing wrong with the game yet they will patch what is broken? Ladies and gentlemen. I present to you the finest example of a fanboy in denial.
Not only do fanboys and the general press excuse these short comings, but alot of games suffer in their overall scores just because the game isn't Gears 2, or an Infinity Ward game. You people are Epic Failures,

I bought Gears 2, but Im not keeping it. This article explains every frustration Ive had with the game, but thats not the end of it. The game is just too slow for me. I dont understand why it takes 3 seconds or so just to turn around? CQC is a joke. The only way to really fight in CQC is with the saw, but what if I got any other weapon? Don't get me wrong. The game is good, I really wanted to fall into the hype for this game, but again, marketing and fanboys win. Numbers mean everything now.

Oh yeah, and just so you guys understand, I love my 360 more then my ps3. Live is the bomb, but Im not like all of you. I dont hype something that doesn't deserve it. I own Left 4 Dead, and yes I love it, but its too short. These games are good, and could have been better, but they were obviously rushed to make it for the holiday season. Smart more for Microsoft, cause you fanboys would buy anything. Im getting rid of both games though, Neither have much replayability unless you wanna do campaign and Horde for the next couple of years. The way I look at it is, get my multiplats on my 360, and get the good exclusives for my ps3.

sofresh2003393d ago

should have had a pubic beta.

kylo123393d ago

What's a pubic beta? LOL..jk, I know what you meant.

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