Time to destroy your mind again...

Echochrome Trophies Confirmed.

7 bronze
1 silver
2 gold

This is going to be rough...

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butterfinger3493d ago

am happy anytime one of my already purchased titles receives trophy support, even if I have to replay the game:)

Handsome_Devil3493d ago

well the game is actually re-playable

I like this game always enjoy it, even though I get a HUGE HEADACHE after finishing some levels :S

Raoh3493d ago

echochrome is rough.

even playing it in HOME it's rough.

GrandTheftZamboni3493d ago

"destroy your mind": forget the way you used to think.

Danja3493d ago

so true..this game literally gave me a headache once....trying to figure out how to complete some of the levels...but im more than willing to play this game again for the trophies...cuz im a tropy whore...^.^

Max Power3493d ago

it some times gets irritating when you can complete a level but the angle you want is not allowed.

Ronnie073493d ago

Is this the same as the 1 on the arcades in home? I'm not even sure how you play it, what are you supposed to do? (dont disagree, thats a genuine question!)

PirateThom3493d ago

The arcade one is a similar concept to the download in that you collect the "shadows", but the arcade one if completely a different game.

The download is about rotating the level to cover holes, reveal paths and basically complete the levels by exploiting optical illusions. It's a pretty unique game.

Max Power3493d ago

it not like the aracade version in home, the versions for both for PS3 and PSP are all about rotating the actual to connect platforms...hmm perhaps a trip to youtube should help explain it better....

Ronnie073493d ago

Thanks for the info guys

No FanS Land3493d ago

What coincidence! I bought it on sale last week!

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The story is too old to be commented.